Master class from the head of the NGO "Center for Democracy Development" Ella Lamakh
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17.06.2024, 09:36

Master class from the head of the NGO "Center for Democracy Development" Ella Lamakh

Master class from the head of the NGO

On June 3, 2024, as part of the professional introductory practice, the head of the Center for Democracy Development, Ella Lamakh, held a master class on "Security Challenges and Human Rights" for first-year students of the Law Faculty.

The speaker raised important issues of our time, in particular: is the philosophy of pacifism of some Western countries a security challenge for Ukrainians today and how does the practice of substituting definitions ("war" - "conflict", "victim" - "victimized") affect the political and legal system of our time?

The head of the NGO gave the students the opportunity to express their opinions on the components of human security, among which the youth identified: personal security, cybersecurity, environmental security, health care, economic security, and public security.

"We often forget about environmental safety, putting personal safety and cybersecurity (information security) first. But if we neglect environmental safety, then over time, people will find themselves on the verge of survival, when neither their own safety nor cybersecurity will matter," Ms. Ella emphasized.

During the conversation with the speaker, the students named the main tools that they believe ensure human rights:

The speaker characterized each of these tools and provided an objective assessment of their status in our country, highlighting their weaknesses and strengths based on her own experience.

"Children are not our future, they are our present. That is why we are building a healthy nation starting with proper education of children. We can't hide history and terrible facts, so we can't put children in a nice bubble. Only by telling the truth will we achieve the result when people start acting, transforming, and taking an active stance in life," Ella Lamakh emphasized in her speech.

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