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For more than 80 years  NAU has prepared more than 200 thousand highly qualified specialists for 160 countries of the world.

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NAU is a member of the International Association of Universities. 

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NAU is a gateway for gifted youth, who dream of becoming an elite of our country. 

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NAU is one of the most powerful aviation universities in the world.

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NAU consists of 12 institutes, 7 colleges, 3 lyceums and 1 academy.  At the university more than 50 thousand students are trained in 74 specialties.

  • students-council-elected
    The National Aviation University resumed the work of the Students Council (07.11.2016).
  • first-meeting-of-the-supervisory-board
    The first meeting of the Supervisory Board of the National Aviation University was held on October 31, 2016.
  • students-government-elections-announced
    Dear students and members of the Student Council!
  • nau-got-honourable-awards
    On October 25, 2016, at the VIII International Forum "Innovation in Modern Education" and IV International Exhibition of Foreign Educational Institutions "World Edu", held in Kyiv Palace for Children and Youth, the National Aviation University won the rating exhibition in the contest thematic category " Innovative Approaches in Studying English in Educational Establishments" and was awarded the honorary title of laureate of the competition and awarded the first degree diploma.
  • 15-million-uah-for-nau-to-overhaul-the-hostels-and-update-technical-facilities
    In the State Budget-2017, the proposal of NDs B.Kozyr, D.Andriyevsky, and O. Spivakovsky has been considered to target 15 million UAH for updating technical and scientific facilities of NAU and overhauling its hostels.
  • creation-of-ukrainian-spanish-llc-avioninau
    On October 17, 2016, there was held in a meeting between Volodymyr Isayenko, Acting Rector of NAU, and Carlos A. Gutierrez Ballon, President of Ltd. G. B. GRUPO & COMPANIES (Girona, Spain) in NAU.
  • acting-rector-volodymyr-isayenko-met-representatives-of-indian-company-titan-group
    On October 14, 2016, there was held a meeting. between Acting Rector of NAU Volodymyr Isayenko and the representatives of the company "Titan Group" (India) S. Rao, V. Sreenivasulu and Director of the Ukrainian office of this company A. Chechel.
  • aviation-unites-peoples
    Director of the ICAO Institute of NAU, Professor Galina Suslova as a member of Ukrainian delegation participated in the 39 session of the General Assembly of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) in Montreal (Canada).
  • “round-table”-to-discuss-students-government
    The Initiative group of students and alumni of NAU invite all to take part in the “round table” to be held at 17:00 on October 5th and to discuss the Students Government in NAU.
  • students-conference
    Students Conference will be held on 12th of October at 15:30 in the Assembly Hall (building#1)
  • nau-awarded-grand-prix-at-“education-in-ukraine-education-abroard”
    NAU was awarded Grand Prix at the International Exhibition “Education in Ukraine. Education Abroad.”
  • financial-encouragement-of-all-employees-by-20-in-september
    On September 27th, Acting Rector of NAU Volodymyr Isayenko made a decision and signed an order on additional financial encouragement of all employees of the University by 20% of their salaries.

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