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For more than 80 years  NAU has prepared more than 200 thousand highly qualified specialists for 160 countries of the world.

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NAU is a member of the International Association of Universities. 

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NAU is a gateway for gifted youth, who dream of becoming an elite of our country. 

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NAU is one of the most powerful aviation universities in the world.

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NAU consists of 12 institutes, 7 colleges, 3 lyceums and 1 academy.  At the university more than 50 thousand students are trained in 74 specialties.

  • admissioins-committee-first-week
    It has been the first week of the Admissions Committee and almost half of the term for the applicants’ documents to be taken by universities. And a preliminary analysis of statistical data confirms certain trends.
  • from-now-on-nau-is-in-pila
    Acting Rector of NAU Volodymyr Kharchenko has signed the agreement on the membership of the National Aviation University in the Publishers International Linking Association (PILA).
  • nau-is-in-canada-ukraine-free-trade-agreement-(cufta)
    The National Aviation University is the first to fill the content of the Canada-Ukraine Free Trade Agreement.
  • nau-will-train-professionals-for-uia
    On July 1st, 2016, Acting Rector of the National Aviation University Volodymyr Kharchenko met the heads of the UIA Training Center for Development and Exploitation of New Technology,
  • cooperation-with-poland-strengthens
    Within the framework of the Cooperation Agreement between the National Aviation University and Technical University of Lodz (Poland) 4 students of Educational and Research Institute of Economics and Management and 4 students of the Computer Science Institute of Information Technology are to visit the Polish institution according to the program of academic mobility.
  • gratitude-to-nau
    Memorandum on Partnership and Cooperation between the State Concern "UKROBORONPROM" and NAU has recently been signed.
  • best-students-and-scientists-of-nau-got-awards-from-kyiv-mayor
    Kyiv Mayor handed awards to young students and scientists of Kyiv for outstanding achievements in the development of the capital of Ukraine.
  • chinese-company-xian-yuanchuang-magnetic-power-new-era-sa-vizit-nau
    On June 29, 2016 the delegation of the Chinese company “Xi'an Yuanchuang Magnetic Power New Era SA” was met by the Acting Rector of the National Aviation University Volodymyr Kharchenko in the conference hall of the Academic Council of the university.
  • students-of-nau-(eeim)-won-competition-“new-ideas-new-possibilities”
    Students of group #401 (specialty “International Economic Relations”) Daryna Ked and Kateryna Spazheva and Inna Shcherbyna, a 4th year student were announced the winners of the All-Ukraine contest of scientific works of students and postgraduates written in English or French “New Ideas. New Possibilities”.
  • academic-council-of-nau
    The regular meeting of the Academic Council of the National Aviation University took place on June 22, 2016. At the beginning of the meeting and according to the agenda, the employees of the university were handed high awards and honors.
  • meeting-with-a-municipal-delegation-of-chinese-city-ningbo
    On June 22, 2016 a business meeting with a municipal delegation of Ningbo (China) was held in the meeting hall of NAU administration. In March the Acting Rector of the National Aviation University Volodymyr Kharchenko met with Vanbo, a representative of the Technological University of the city, who studied at NAU.
  • collaboration-with-sc-“ukroboronprom”
    Yuriy Paschenko, Deputy General Director of State Concern “Ukroboronprom” for aerospace and manufacturing, invited Volodymyr Kharchenko, Acting Rector of NAU, and representatives of the university to participate in the meeting on the development of some promising areas of creating weapons and military equipment which use different features in modern conditions.

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