Law Faculty raises national recognition of youth in the context of modern challenges
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2.04.2024, 08:23

Law Faculty raises national recognition of youth in the context of modern challenges

Law Faculty raises national recognition of youth in the context of modern challenges

On March 26, 2024, the Law Faculty held a methodological seminar for mentors, academic group leaders and students on the topic "National Youth Education: Current Status and Prospects".

The event was attended by:

Opening the event, Yulia Yurynets said:  "The Russian aggression against Ukraine has significantly affected the national recognition of Ukrainians, transformed our system of values, changed our assessment of the past and our attitude to some significant historical figures. That is why it is so important to use various forms of communication with young people in order to understand their moods and vision of the factors that directly affect the further development of national recognition."

The soldier with the call sign "Hetman" shared his thoughts on the honorable duty to defend the Motherland and the importance of proper preparation for such defense.

Hanna Baikenich presented the main areas of work and tasks of the Ukrainian Institute of National Memory, discussing with the students controversial issues of Ukrainian history and new approaches to popularizing the past of the Ukrainian people.

Oleksandr Herasymenko familiarized the audience with the state policy in the field of strengthening Ukrainian national and civic identity.

During the exchange of views, the participants discussed the issues of educating the national elite as one of the main missions of universities, forms and methods of forming the national recognition of young people, the importance of national recognition for the patriotism of future lawyers, the role of national consciousness of young people in the context of Ukraine's European integration, factors of development of national recognition of young people in times of war, the national idea as the core of national recognition, and others.

Summarizing the event, Nina Trotsyuk, deputy dean of the Law Faculty, thanked the students for their activity and conscious position on patriotic education as a component of national education, which aims to create a self-sufficient citizen-patriot of Ukraine, a humanist and a democrat, ready to fulfill their civic and constitutional duties.

In the end, all those present honored the memory of the Heroes of Ukraine who laid down their lives defending their homeland, including the graduates of the faculty Andriy Subbotin, Maksym Oliynyk and Ivan Tkachov.

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