A NAU student trained in CNC-Program
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21.09.2022, 12:17

A NAU student trained in CNC-Program

A NAU student trained in CNC-Program

Lublin Polytechnic (Poland) organized a 40-hour CNC-Program course where students from different countries learned how to produce parts using the technology of numerical control.

Ihor Kaznovetskiy, a 3rd year student of the Department of Aircraft Construction of the Aerospace Faculty of the National Aviation University, took part in the program.

The course was held at the "Innovations and Advanced Technologies" center, which houses various machine tools and numerically controlled machines from Heidenhain.

The training was conducted both remotely and face-to-face. During the remote learning sessions, students were introduced to working on the simulator and demonstrating machine operation on command. The face-to-face section consisted of hands-on training. During these days the program the participants were introduced to the technical characteristics of the machines, and then they were taught team programming and the specifics of interaction with the machines.

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