Attention to 2022 applicants!
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21.06.2022, 12:34

Attention to 2022 applicants!

Attention to 2022 applicants!

The second round of confirmation for the National Multidisciplinary Test (NMT) core session began today and runs through July 7. Confirmation is performed via the information site.

At this stage the participants who want to take the NFT from May 20 to June 7 should finally select the location where they would like to be tested.

Only after passing two stages of confirmation of participation in the NFT will be possible to download an invitation pass, namely after July 12. The pass will include the date, time and location of the main session.

The applicants who have confirmed participation in the first stage of the NFT and would like to take testing in the additional session, need to skip the second stage of selecting the NFT location during the main session. To participate in the additional session, you need to confirm participation during July 8 - 18 and choose from a list of countries / cities where it will be convenient to take the test.

The main session will be held in 21 regions of Ukraine and Kiev and cities from 23 countries. In the extra session participants will also be able to take the test in the U.S. (New York, NY and Sacramento, CA), Germany (Berlin), Finland (Helsinki), Luxembourg (Luxembourg), Slovenia (Maribor) and Switzerland (Bern).

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