Faculty of Law employees meeting with authority representatives
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22.01.2021, 13:45

Faculty of Law employees meeting with authority representatives

Faculty of Law employees meeting with authority representatives

On the 21st of January in 2021, employees of the Faculty of Law took part in an online event organized by the Ukrainian Bar Association with authority representatives, during which a meeting with Deputy Minister of Justice of Ukraine for European Integration Valeria Kolomiets was conducted.

The key aspects for discussion during the meeting were represented by the priority areas of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine for 2021; a state of Ukraine’s obligations fulfillment to the European Union and the International Monetary Fund in the field of legal policy; an institution of insolvency of individuals peculiarities; a moratorium on the recovery of state-owned enterprises issue and the arbitration trustee status regulation, as well as a mediation institution establishment problems and the legal aid market in Ukraine and the world further development prospects.

Each of the participants of the event had the opportunity to personally speak and present their own expectations from modern reform actions in various spheres of public life, including in the field of education. Such an exchange of views not only helped to enrich the knowledge of scholars, educators, and legal practitioners who joined the discussion of current issues but also ensured the identification of new vectors of legal development in order to improve the quality of legal aid to the people.

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