Doing good together
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6.01.2021, 13:27

Doing good together

Doing good together

On January 05, 2021, on the eve of the Christmas holidays, representatives of the Faculty of Law of the National Aviation University visited the municipal institution of the Kiev Regional Council "Specialized regional children's home in Boyarka".

During December, the Faculty held a charity event "Doing good together". The campaign was joined by student sand research and teaching staff of the Faculty of Law, who collected children's things, toys, books, hygiene products, as well as funds for purchasing diapers and medicines for babies deprived of parental care and orphaned children.

Visiting an orphanage has already become a good tradition, which allows every one who is not in different to join the support of pupils of children's institutions, which, of course, is an important element of building a social society. By bringing a small piece of happiness to children and taking care of them together, we can change the lives of all of us for the better.

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