Air and space law: international and national security issues
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28.09.2020, 17:00

Air and space law: international and national security issues

Air and space law: international and national security issues

Within the framework of the IX World Congress Aviation in the XXI Century, an international symposium Air and Space Law: International and National Security Issues was held via videoconference, organized by NAU's Law Faculty.

In her opening address, Dean of the Faculty, Iryna Sopilko, noted the importance of academic research and discussion of modern issues of formation and prospects for development of air and space law, as well as solving issues related to aviation security.  President of the CSA Cyber Security Academy (Georgia) Vladimir Svanadze drew attention to the problems of cyber security in the field of civil aviation.  Stephan Hobe, Director of the Institute of Air, Space and Cyber Law at the University of Köln (Germany), outlined the prospects for the European aviation industry and spoke about possible scenarios for its development post COVID-19.

 During the symposium, leading experts in the field of air and space law discussed issues related to the common European aviation space;  investment security of aviation enterprises in modern conditions of global economic development;  liability for crimes in the field of aviation;  international and national legal standards of aviation investigation;  legal regulation of state supervision (control) over the economic performance of aviation enterprises;  legal technologies as a tool to improve civil aviation safety amid the fight against COVID-2019;  a jurisdictional aspect of terrorism-relates risks in aviation security, etc.

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