Course "Training of National Aviation Safety Inspectors"
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6.10.2020, 16:37

Course "Training of National Aviation Safety Inspectors"


NAU's ICAO Training Institute has conducted  a course entitled "Training of National Aviation Safety Inspectors".  The course was conducted by certified instructors Yulia Shiyan and Svitlana Didenko, delegated by ICAO Headquarters.  Among the attendants are representatives of the State Aviation Service of Ukraine, the ICAO European Regional Aviation Safety Training Centerthe, MASTER-AVIA training center, SkyUp and Bees Airlines.

Opening the course, Galina Suslova, Director of NAU's ICAO Training Institute, said that, despite COVID-19-related complications, the Institute pursues with its training courses run to enhance the skills of aviation professionals.  She thanked ICAO Headquarters for technical support in conducting this sponsorship course.

The course aims to train national aviation security inspectors in accordance with the latest requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organization.  Students received instructional material on the functioning of the aviation safety system in the wake of COVID-19.  During the practical part of the course, students visited the Igor Sikorski Kyiv (Zhuliany) International Airport. During the inspection drill,  they saw practical implementation of new aviation safety rules in accordance with ICAO requirements.

The training routine was in compliance with all applicable sanitary and epidemiological norms and requirements.

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