NAU flight simulator certified by State Aviation Service
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18.09.2020, 17:15
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    NAU flight simulator certified by State Aviation Service

    NAU flight simulator certified by State Aviation Service

    National Aviation University has received four Certificates of Conformity for its ALSIM flight simulator to meet qualification level of flight simulation training equipment. The simulator was purchased within the framework of the national investment project "International Pilot Training Center of National Aviation University".

    Certificates are issued by the State Aviation Service of Ukraine in accordance with the provisions of the Aviation Rules of Ukraine "Technical requirements and administrative procedures for civil aviation flight crews."  The flight simulator meets the qualification requirements specified in the Part-ORA of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

    Now the University is able to provide training on the flight simulator for student pilots in the following aircraft classes: land single-engine piston aircraft Cessna 172SP or Tecnam P2002JF;  universal land single-engine piston aircraft Piper 28 Arrow or Socata TB21;  multi-engine piston aircraft Piper 44 Seminol or Tecnam P2006T; as well as multi-crew coordination (MCC) training for medium-range jets Boeing 737 or Airbus 320.

    The ALSIM FNPT II flight simulator is a modern Hi-Tech modeling equipment, adapted to specific training needs.  The machine is capable of simulating all kinds of emergencies, including wind shear, fire, engine failure, etc.  The use of the simulator in the initial stages of pilot training reduces the number of required flight hours and saves training costs.

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