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2.04.2018, 15:32

    Visit by the delegation of representatives of the Chongqing University (PRC).

    Visit by the delegation of representatives of the Chongqing University (PRC).

    On March 28, 2018 The National Aviation University was visited by a delegation of representatives of the Chongqing University (PRC). The visit was a continuation of cooperation that began in October last year, when the sides signed the Memorandum of Understanding in the areas of joint training of aviation engineering specialists, training of nationals of the People's Republic of China on educational and scientific level "master" and "doctor of philosophy", the creation of a joint aerospace Institute for the preparation of bachelors and masters in aviation specialties, the exchange of students and teachers and joint activities in scientific projects.

    The delegation included the director of the air navigation and space institute Hu Ning, the head of the department of teaching and teaching work of the Chongqing University Wang Hongmei, the director of the international cooperation and communications department of Xu Jun, the head of the international cooperation department of Chongqing University Gao Xiang, the former director of the Institute of Communication Technology Zeng Xiaoping, deputy director of the Institute of Energy Technology Yang Chen, director of the Institute of Higher Education of Chongqing University Wang Chengqi, dean of the Institute of Higher Education chun Insko uni ersitetu Li Jingwen, General Director of Ukrainian-Chinese Center of Culture and Education Wei Limin, director of the Ukrainian-Chinese Centre of Culture and Education Valeriy Marchenko. Guests were met by the rector of NAU Volodymyr Isaienko, the vice-rector for scientific work Vladimir Kharchenko, the pro-rector for perspective development and administration Igor Dovban, the head of International Relations department Vaycheslav Timokhin, the director of IAP Oktyabrina Chemakina,  director of the ASI Sergey Dmitriev, director of the IES Alexander Zaporozhets, director of the IIDS Sergey Filonenko, director of the IATA Igor Igor Machalin and deputy director of the ICIT Victoria Lukashenko. The purpose of the visit was to discuss specific issues identified in the memorandum of cooperation.



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