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14.02.2018, 09:01

    Aviation celebration in NAU

    Aviation celebration in NAU

    On February 7, 2018, the real celebration took place at the State Museum of aviation: in honour of the 112th anniversary of the Oleg Antonov. The Museum was awarded with the assignment of the name of the famous aircraft designer.

    The ceremony was opened by the director of the State Museum of Aviation NAU Yuri Ziatdinov, who emphasized that due to the genius of Antonov, Ukraine now proudly bears the name of the leading aviation state of the world. The deputies Dmitry Andrievsky and Konstantin Istichykin added that Kyiv since 1952 was associated with the winged name of Antonov, and our city became a cradle for world-famous developments in the aviation industry.

    "Under the direction of Oleg Konstantinovich Antonov, the most popular passenger boards and the largest transport aircraft, which became the symbols of Ukraine as an aviation state, were created," said the Acting Rector of the NAU Volodymyr Isaienko. - And now the development of KB Antonov supports the prestige of Ukraine as the aviation state in the world. Therefore, we are proud that the Museum of Aviation was honored to bear the name of the outstanding aircraft designer of our time. "

    Craft with the portrait of O.K. Antonov on board, manned by Volodymyr Prysiazhnyuk, President of the Federation of Ukraine Aircraft, a multiple participant of the World and European Championships Volodymyr Prysiazhnyuk made a several vintages above the Museum. He also presented the director of the Museum with a sign of the new name: "State Aviation Museum named after AK Antonov of National Aviation University".

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