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18.05.2018, 08:36

    A hangar for small-scale production of UAV has started to work in NAU

    A hangar for small-scale production of UAV has started to work in NAU

    At the National Aviation University, a hangar for small-scale production of unmanned aircraft (UAV) was commissioned.

    - In recent years, scientists and employees of our University have developed, built and successfully tested 19 samples of unmanned aerial vehicles. The hangar has become a production site for bringing this equipment to the needs of various consumers, both military and civilian, "says the pro-rector for research Volodymyr Kharchenko.

    The creation of production capacities under one roof will allow the university to commercialize production of UAVS, to put the University on the world market. This goal is quite real in evidence by the fact that last year one of the UAV models created in NAU was adopted by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

    It is notable that one of the first who got acquainted with the new production site in NAU was the President of Canadore College, George Burton (Ontario, Canada), who arrived in Ukraine to sign a Bilateral Agreement on cooperation between the National Aviation University and Canadore College.

    It should be noted that the following UAVs were created and successfully tested at the National Aviation University Research and Production Center for Unmanned Aviation "Virazh":

    aircraft M-6 "Skylark", M-7 "Heavenly Patrol", M-7D "Heavenly Patrol", M-10 "Eye", M-7-B5 "Heavenly Patrol", M-6-2 "Skylark" PK-03 (helicopter), M-22 Aero starter, PK-04 (helicopter), M-6-3 Skylark, M-10-2 Eye, PK-08 (helicopter), PK-11 helicopter), KM-3 (convertible, preliminary design, without tests), SPM-10 (20.40 - stratospheric platforms, preliminary design, no tests), M-6-3T "Skylark", PKM-14 "Saturnia", M 57 "Dawn", M-56 "Module".

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