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17.02.2017, 14:48

    The Visit of a Turkish Delegation

    The Visit of a Turkish Delegation

                Over the period of February 13-14, National Aviation University in collaboration with national concern “Ukroboronprom”  received the delegation from Turkey, among them – Dr. A. Hikmet Yuchishik, professor of  Istanbul University, and Dr. Metin U. Salamki, professor of GaziUniversity. During the meeting with the Acting Rector Prof. V. Isaienko, the main goal of the visit was claimed – to conduct negotiations concerning further cooperation in the aerospace field and to get familiar with educational, scientific and technical basis of the University.

                 The Turkish quests get acquainted with the rich history of our University and it`s structure. The most important part of the visit was the demonstration of unmanned aviation center “Virazh”, training hangar, dispatcher training simulator, laboratories of Science education institutes of aeronautic, ecological safety laboratories, diagnostic information systems, computer information technology and also aerodynamic complex. Special attention was paid to organizing the education process of professorial chairs in NAU, that have modern science technical supply and are based on innovational research of our scientists. The visitors marked high level of education and scientific inquiry at NAU.

                 During the final meeting with Acting Rector Prof. V. Isaienko, prospective ways and further steps of cooperation were discussed, that can involve science research activity, education courses organizing, academic mobility etc. This visit is another step in tight cooperation development between scientists of our countries.

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