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22.01.2017, 22:10



    Today, Ukraine celebrates a great holiday - the Day of Unity (Unification). This day is commemorated in Ukraine by one of the most significant events in our history - the Act of Unification of the Ukrainian People’s Republic and the Western Ukrainian People’s Republic and the establishment of the Ukrainian People’s Republic. Thus, the conquest of true unity and independence has taken decades. But it was then when, almost a hundred years ago, the cornerstone of our new sovereign state was laid. 

    Today, this festival has gained special significance. At the time when the enemy tries again to tear our country apart, the idea of unity of Ukraine again has become the main factor that unites us, its citizens. At the time of hardship we have become stronger. We have only to remember our soldiers who went to defend the territorial integrity of our motherland. And almost every citizen of Ukraine, notwithstanding the age, helps the soldiers on the front line. So, the victory will be ours, and Ukraine will always remain a strong united European power. 

    Remember that we can solve any problems only when we are together! 

    Acting Rector of NAU Volodymyr Isayenko

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