Pivdennyi Yacht Club

“Pivdennyi” Yacht Club of National Aviation University was established in 1988 based on the sailing section of the Department of Physical Education of the Kyiv Institute of Civil Aviation Engineers, founded in 1968. The initiator and founder of the yacht club is University Professor Yevhen Udartsev.

The club got its name, translating as “Southern”, due to its location, which is southernmost of all Kyiv yacht clubs. “Pivdennyi” is based on an area of ​​1.6 ha on the banks of the Kaniv Reservoir near the town of Ukrayinka, Obukhiv district of Kyiv region.

“Pivdennyi” Yacht Club is practically the only university yacht club in Ukraine, which engages in sports training of student youths on sailboats, organizing and conducting sailing races.

The yacht club has its own sailing, sailing-engine, engine, and oar vessels, working premises for crew and staff. Training and sports sailing routine is supervised by experienced and qualified captains. Faculty, students, and university staff are now part of the club.

NAU Yacht Club is the organizer of the All-Ukrainian sailing regatta for the NAU Cup, called “Southern Guard”. The regatta was first held in 1994 as a club one, following the official sailing cruise competitions calendar in Kyiv. Since 1996, the Southern Guard regatta has been officially included in the calendar of sailing competitions among cruisers. This race now completes the official calendar of cruising sailing races in Kyiv.

In 1998, the competition was attended by the captain of the “Icarus” sailboat, Borys Nemirov, who in September 1978 began his first round-the-globe voyage from the USSR. In the same year, 1998, in honor of the famous yachtsman, the sailing regatta “Southern Guard” launched the Captain Nemirov Cup, which is awarded annually to the youngest participating skipper (captain).

Since the first regatta, the race has gained popularity and recognition among Ukrainian yachtsmen. In the jubilee, 25th regatta, in October 2019, some 54 crews representing yacht clubs of the capital, Vyshgorod, Slavutych, Pereiaslav and Ukrayinka, as well as Cherkasy, Poltava, and Kirovohrad regions took part. NAU was represented by Focus, Osa, Polonez, Eos, and Ost yachts, whose teams consist of faculty, students, and alumni of the university.

The race is held in two stages. On the first day of the competition, sailboats cover a distance of 25 nautical miles (approximately 50 km): from the town of Ukrayinka and upstream of the Dnipro to the turn signal near the village of Protsiv, along the shores of Trypillya, Khalepya and Vytachiv to the turn signal near the village of Kyiv. They finish near the Pivdennyi yacht club. On the second day, sailboats cover an 8-mile distance, forming a triangle around the islands near the town of Ukrayinka. The race route has been the same since 1994.

In 2003, the yacht club held an event called “APPLICANT 2003 – SAILING TOWARD KNOWLEDGE”. NAU sailboats with student crews and NAU ads on sails and hulls visited cities on the banks of the Dnipro River: Kyiv (on the embankment near the river port), Ukrayinka, Rzhyshchiv, Pereiaslav, Kaniv, Cherkasy, Svitlovodsk, and Kremenchuh, where meetings were held with local youths, parents, and teachers. Those interested could get on board the sailboats and enjoy their first experience, impressions and unforgettable emotions of sailing.

Since 2017, the yacht club has introduced a sailing rally “Student Sails of Hope” scheduled for early June. The competition is attended by university students and those from the Rhine-Westphalia Technical University (Aachen, Germany), who visit Ukraine as part of a cultural student exchange program.

A sailing training group has been set up for NAU students at the Department of Physical Education and Sports. University students also use the base of the yacht club for their diploma theses in architecture and design, undergo internships in civil safety, land management, and construction.

A Training Center for Qualified Yachtsmen of NAU yacht school was established at the yacht club. The initiator and founder of the center is associate professor at NAU Hryhoriy Holembiyevsky. The center has won recognition in Ukraine, while its graduates prove their yachting competence across the world. The yacht school has trained more than 1,000 students from 1999 to 2019. The yacht school was licensed for the third time by the Maritime Administration and obtained the “Protocol of Compliance” – the right to train sailors of sailing and sailing-engine vessels.

Yachtsmen of the university actively participate in the calendar competitions of the Sailing Federation of Ukraine and Kyiv City Sailing Federation. In almost all regattas, NAU crews win prizes and become winners. Many NAU graduates have remained faithful to sailing and pursue a pro-active life under sails.