University today

National Aviation University is one of the most powerful higher educational facilities in the aviation field across the post-Soviet space.

Founded in 1933, over the years of operation, the university has trained over 200,000 highly qualified professionals. Among them are acclaimed scientists, CEOs of air carriers, enterprises, organizations and institutions ensuring flights, aircraft maintenance and repair, as well as transportation of passengers and cargo.

Today, about 25,000 students are studying in the university, including nearly 1,500 foreigners from 55 countries. NAU incorporates five institutes, ten faculties, military training department, six colleges, two lyceums, and the Flight Academy in Kropyvnytskyi. NAU trains bachelors, masters, candidates, and doctors of science. The university staff consists of over 1,500 scholars and teachers, among them more than 200 doctors of science and nearly 700 candidates of science. Rector of National Aviation University is a Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor, Member of the Higher School Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Honored Education Worker of Ukraine Volodymyr Isaienko.

National Aviation University is among the TOP10 higher educational facilities in Ukraine by the number of enrollment applications filed, ranking 13th in TOP200 academic rating of higher educational facilities. In the international U-Multirank University Rankings 2020, NAU improved its position and ranked 12th of 53 Ukrainian competitors. The university ranks 28th in Ukraine, according to Scopus science metric database.

The main competitive advantage of National Aviation University both on Ukrainian and international education markets is its aviation component. NAU trains future pilots; unmanned aerial vehicle operators; groundhandling professionals dealing with aircraft and engines; air traffic controllers and engineers; experts in avionics and radio electronics; designers of modern airports, structures, and roads; experts in airport services; aviation and logistics managers; specialists in cybersecurity and systems diagnostics; as well as ecologists, economists, lawyers, psychologists, physicians, and other professionals.

Specialists and researchers with National Aviation University have been tasked with the implementation of the following state orders: development of technology to control the current aggregate-phase state of the working fluid in the circulating lubrication systems and the development of a stratospheric pseudo-satellite with a renewable energy source.

In accordance with the priority areas for the development of science and technology, the University won five grants: four grant agreements with France and one under the Horizon 2020 program with Italy.

The efforts of our gifted youths and young scientists has been repeatedly noted by President of Ukraine, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, the Committee on State Prizes of Ukraine in the field of science and technology, Leonid Kuchma’s Presidential Fund “Ukraine”, Viktor Pinchuk’s Zavtra.UA Foundation, and many others.

Within the framework of realization of the state investment project titled “International Pilot Training Center of National Aviation University” the university is successfully establishing high quality training of pilots.

The K-10 SWIFT, Cessna 172, and four Tecnam 2002 aircraft, as well as the ALSIM aircraft simulator, have been purchased to train Cessna, Tecnam, and Boeing-737 pilots. This year, the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine awarded NAU five spots in the state order for the educational program “Aircraft Flight Operation”, with a total of 32 applicants enrolled for for the first year.

One of the key activities of the university is international cooperation development (163 agreements have been signed with foreign partners). International cooperation has been wide-ranging with the universities of the Netherlands, France, South Korea, China, the U.S., the U.K., Romania, Poland, and Sweden.

Agreements on cooperation in aviation education have been concluded with partners in Canada, China, Malaysia, Nigeria, Germany, Norway, Poland, Slovakia, Turkey, Czech Republic, and other countries. Thanks to NAU’s international collaboration with the world’s leading universities, our students are able to get dual diplomas, participate in internships, and traineeships.

A joint Chiniese-Ukrainian Institute of Aerospace Technologies (CUAT) has been established in Hangzhou (People’s Republic of China), which is our university’s base for cooperation with Chinese partners in education, research, and technology.

The need to implement the standards of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) in Ukraine has led to the founding of NAU’s ICAO Training Institute and coordination of the activities of a number of international and national centers and programs. ICAO’s European Regional Aviation Security Training Center and ICAO’s European Regional Training Center for the training of National Flight Safety and Airworthiness Inspectors are actively working at National Aviation University. The ICAO Aviation English Training and Methodological Center has also been established, where Galina Suslova, Director of NAU’s ICAO Training Institute, was designated as national coordinator for the implementation of aviation English standards. Galina Suslova was elected Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Aviation Safety Training Centers of the European/North Atlantic Region ІСАО.

Ukraine’s leading aviation companies are among our partners: State Aviation Service, State Space Agency, Antonov State Enterprise, Ukroboronprom, Boryspil International Airport, Kyiv International Airport, Odesa International Airport, and other airports across Ukraine, UIA, Progrestech-Ukraine, SE Plant 410 Civil Aviation, OdesaAviaRemSerice, and many others.

Our University’s pearl is one of the largest aviation training hangars in Europe. Also, NAU owns a training airfield and aeronautical training ground, training complexes, as well as an educational and scientific aerodynamic complex based on the subsonic TAD-2 wind tunnel.

University campus hosts 11 dormitories, a canteen with 1,000 seats, an Internet cafe, a student “Bistro”, a medical center, equipped with modern diagnostic and medical equipment, a preventive clinic, a culture and arts center with 1,500 seats, a gym and sports wellness center. Book stock of the Scientific and Technical Library amounts to over 2.6 million copies.

NAU Diploma has been and remains the hallmark of quality and professional excellence, being recognized as competitive in many countries around the world.