Ukrainian Research and Training Center for Chemotology and Certification of Fuels, Lubricants and Technical Fluids

The Center carries out research and development, engineering and consulting, certification, and testing work, as well as training (advanced training, internships) of personnel (including higher qualifications) in line with international norms and standards to address current and promising tasks of chemotology, certification, standardization, and quality management, testing, approval of production and use of fuels, lubricants and technical fluids, in particular in the aviation industry, as well as environmental and energy-saving innovations.

Iryna Shkilniuk

Scientific Adviser – Serhiy Boychenko

The Center consists of the following structural units:

Testing Interactive Laboratory “AviaTEST”
(Certificate of accreditation of the National Accreditation Agency of Ukraine No. 201258 of Aug 12, 2016)

Main tasks and functions:

  • implementation of basic and applied research, research, engineering research, and development works in accordance with University’s scientific directions, namely: chemotology, tribochemistry, environmental protection and safety, certification, standardization and quality management, testing, diagnostics, approval of production and use of fuels, lubricants and technical fluids, in particular, in the aviation industry, in order to address the priorities of research and practice; and
  • ensuring the quality and professionalism of research, development, engineering certification, and testing work.

Areas of activity:

  • research, development, engineering, certification, and testing works;
  • engineering, standardization, quality management, access to production and use of traditional and alternative fuels, lubricants, technical fluids and additives;
  • training (retraining, advanced training, internships) of personnel (including higher qualifications);
  • development and implementation of a quality system in accordance with the requirements of DSTU ISO / IEC 17025: 2017 “General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories”; and
  • development (updating, harmonization) of technical regulations, standards, and other normative and guiding documents.


03058, Kyiv, Ukraine
1, Liubomyra Huzara ave.,
Building 1, office 402

+38 044 406-70-87