Transportation Organization and Transport Management (in air transport) 2019

Name of Educational and Research Institute (Faculty)Faculty of Transport, Management and Logistics
Speciality275 “Transport technologies”
Educational Professional ProgramTransportation Organization and Transport Management (in air transport)
Field of study27 “Transport”
Speciality275 “Transport technologies”
Specialization275.04 “Transport technologies (in air transport)”
Higher Education LevelFirst (bachelor)
QualificationBachelor of Transport Technologies
Total ECTS Credits of Educational Professional Program240
Duration of study4 years
Admission requirementsComplete secondary education
Language(s)Ukrainian, english
Mode of studyfull-time, part-time
The Guarantor of Educational Professional ProgramIvannikov V.Y.Ph.D. in Engineering Science, senior lecturer
The Aim of Educational Professional ProgramTraining of highly skilled specialists in the field of aviation transport technologies capable of solving complex transport problems, possessing fundamental and professional competencies in the field of management and technologies in aviation transport, analysis of the implementation of aviation works and services
The Main Focus of Educational Professional ProgramGeneral education in the field of transport.The specialization of the program lies within the training of specialists for various aviation industry companies: special purpose airlines, airports, handling, logistics, forwarding companies, the State Aviation Administration.
Features of educational and research programThe educational and professional program is based on well-known scientific and technical results, taking into account the current state of the aviation market, services and technologies, and focuses on actual specialization, within which further professional and scientific careers are possible.The program envisages the study of professionally oriented disciplines in all courses, the passing of production practices at leading transport companies, and the fluency of foreign language.The feature of the program includes the use of uniquely designed development of teachers, various methods of optimization of transport processes, modern information technologies ((LINDO, MATLAB, AMADEUS, etc.). The program promotes the development of professional competencies according to international standards of IATA and ICAO. The program is also provided in English.
Employment opportunitiesEmployment at enterprises of any organizational and legal form of ownership. The Bachelor of Transport Technology can hold primary positions at aviation industry: Airports, Handling, Logistics, Freight Forwarding companies, State Aviation Administration, Ministry of Emergency SituationsThe bachelor of transport technologies should be prepared for work at the enterprises of the group “Transport, warehousing, postal and courier activities” in accordance with the Classifier of professions DK 009: 2010
Further educationMaster’s degree
Integral competenciesAbility to solve complex specialized tasks and solve practical problems in the field of transport using theories and methods of modern transport science on the basis of a system approach and taking into account the complexity and uncertainty of the conditions of operation of transport systems.
General competenciesThe ability to exercise the rights and responsibilities of a member of society, to realize the values of a civil (free democratic) society and the need for its sustainable development, the rule of law, human and civil rights and freedoms in Ukraine. Ability to preserve and increase the moral, cultural, scientific values and achievements of society on the basis of understanding of the history and patterns of development of the subject area, its place in the general system of knowledge and society.
Professional competenciesAbility to analyze and predict the parameters and indicators of the functioning of transport systems and technologies, taking into account the influence of the environment.Ability to organize and manage loading and unloading operations and warehousing operations in transport.Ability to organize and manage the transportation of goods (by type of transport).Ability to organize and manage the transportation of passengers and luggage (by type of transport).
National Credit MobilityRealized on the basis of bilateral agreements between the National Aviation University and other technical universities
International Credit MobilityWithin the framework of the EU Erasmus + program and ERASMUS MUNDUS. Realized on the basis of bilateral agreements between NAU and Griffith University (Australia), Korean Aerospace University (South Korea), Anadolu University (Turkey), Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (USA), Dublin Institute of Technology (Ireland) and others
Mode of Final CertificationBachelor Thesis Defence
Core SubjectsHistory and Culture of Ukraine, Ukrainian Language, Philosophy, Foreign Language, Physical Training, Advanced mathematicsPhysicsComputer engineering and programmingSystems of automatic designingGeneral course of transportProbability Theory and Mathematical StatisticsSystem analysisFundamentals of the theory of transport processesInvestigation of transport operationsInformation systems and technologiesEngineering logisticsIntroduction to transport technologies specialtyTransport geographyTransport enterprisesOperations at customsBasics of ergonomicsPassenger transportationAir passenger transportationAviation insuranceQuality management, risk management and auditing of airlinesAircraft service at airportsInteraction of modes of transportTechnical and economic studies of transport development
Selected SubjectsForeign languageOrganization of air transportationHuman Resources Management in the Transport IndustryTransport lawFlight operationAviation English (advanced course)Aviation Transportation and TariffsTransport safetyStandardization and certification of air transport productsEfficiency of aviation transportationOrganization and maintenance of air trafficMilitary training