Training of aviation personnel in line with EASA

Who might need it?

First of all, the new offer applies to aviation professionals intending plan to perform maintenance work, including aircraft maintenance personnel. According to current legislation, there are several types: category A – junior mechanic, category B – mechanic and avionics technician, and category
C – engineer. If an applicant seeks promotion to a higher position, getting wider access, they need the relevant certificate. The initiative can come from both the employee and the employer.

Obtaining a new type of document requires a permit from the aviation authority – the body that regulates the aviation industry, which is the State Aviation Service of Ukraine. To this end, the applicant has to make three steps.

Step 1: Pass or confirm basic training according to a given category – A, B, or C.

Step 2: Get training for the types of aircraft the company intends to maintain.

Step 3: Gain certain experience (depending on the selected category and type of aircraft).

Only then are applicants allowed to submit to the Aviation Service a package of documents for vetting.  If everything is fine with paperwork, the agency will issue a personnel certificate, which entitles the employee to expand the range of functions performed at the company.

Our educational facility has a “Certificate of approval of the organization training for maintenance and examination” in ling with current aviation legislation of Ukraine and the requirements of Part-147 (an analogue of the EASA document in Ukraine), which entitled NAU to performing the said activity.

Certification of civil aviation personnel in Ukraine in accordance with the JAR-FCL-3 requirements

According to the State Aviation Service Order No 223 of March 27, 2006, “On application in the civil aviation of Ukraine of the JAR-FCL 1,2,3,4 Joint Aviation Requirements” registered by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine on April 12, 2006, No 426/12300, aviation medical examiners from February 19, 2007, shifted to the new rules for medical certification of aviation personnel.

In accordance with JAR-FCL 3, aviation personnel undergo medical certification in the following classes:

  • CLASS 1: Commercial and line pilots, navigators, flight engineers;
  • CLASS 2: Private pilots, cadet pilots; and
  • CLASS 3: Flight attendants, air traffic controllers, flight operators.

For aviation personnel, including flight attendants, air traffic controllers,  and flight operators, the Aviation Healthcare Department of the State Aviation Administration has developed Requirements for Class 3, implemented by Order No 243 of March 27, 2007, registered by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine on April 19, 2007, No 393/13660 .