In 1938, Mykola Golego graduated from the Kyiv Aviation Institute and pilot training courses, becoming a class IV pilot.

After graduating, he was assigned to work at a Kharkiv-based Plant 42 of the Civil Air Fleet. During WW2  and postwar years he was working at the aviation enterprises in Alma-Ata, Aktiubinsk, and Dnipropetrovsk. In 1948, Mykola Golego was deployed to Kyiv to create a new aircraft repair Plant 410, which he headed for five years.

In 1953 he took the helm of the Department of Aviation Repair Technology at the Kyiv Institute of Civil Air Fleet. From 1954 to 1975, Mykola Golego was a Rector of the Kyiv Institute of Civil Air Fleet and then – of the Kyiv Institute of Civil Aviation Engineers. A gifted manager, it was he who invented and implemented the project of the institute development. Over the 22 years, 10 educational buildings were built, on campus, as well as workshops, a motor testing station, a radio test site, 10 dorms, nine residential buildings, a sports complex, a palace of arts, a canteen, a clinic, and other facilities.

Later, Mykola Golego headed the Tribotechnics Scientific and Technical Center at the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, which was engaged in increasing durability and reliability of machines and mechanisms for the country’s space industry.

Mykola Golego did scientific research of operation, repair, and durability of machines, studied the theory of hardening, and the phenomenon of fretting corrosion. He was a leading researcher in the field of tribology (science of friction and wear). He authored more than 300 research works and five monographs.