In 1937, Volodymyr Chelomei graduated from the Kyiv Aviation Institute, having passed graduation exams a year early. After graduating, he worked at the Institute of Mathematics of the Soviet Academy of Sciences.

During World War II, he headed the jet engines development project at the Baranov Central Institute of Aviation Engine Building. In 1959, he was appointed General Designer of DKB-52 (Research and Design Bureau 52), a major hub for research and industrial enterprises.

Under his leadership, Earth satellites “Proton”, “Polit”, “Cosmos 1267” were developed, as well as orbital stations “Salyut-3” and “Salyut-5”, cruise missiles 10KhN, launch vehicle “Proton”, which drove into space equipment of the following series: “Zond”, “Luna”, “Venera”, “Mars”, and “Vega”.

Volodymyr Chelomei has authored a number of important research works (mostly classified) on the issues of applied mathematics, stability of elastic systems, oscillation theory of complex dynamical systems with nonlinear and periodically changing parameters, theory of nonlinear pneumatic and hydraulic servomechanisms, theory of motors and other machines.