Non-formal education

START-UP school is a space based on the Institute of New Technologies and Leadership, where with the help of NAU SPHERE ambassadors (teams of experts, mentors, and practitioners – representatives of the aviation industry, entrepreneurs, etc.), students are able to gain theoretical knowledge and practical skills in developing innovative startups.

START-UP schools teach students to test their innovative ideas for their feasibility in market conditions, create prototypes, and test them among users, as well as present the finished product to potential investors.

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Academic Mobility. As part of scholarship programs (Erasmus +, Mevlana and others), our students annually undergo internships at universities across Europe, Asia, and North America, also partaking in international congresses, symposia, and conferences.

Among NAU’s partners in academic mobility programs are many foreign universities from Portugal, Italy, Slovakia, and other European countries, but the main ones for many years have been the universities based in Poland and Spain. Today, universities from China, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and Turkey are added to the list of partners.

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“YESNAU” English Language Studio is a free platform for progressive English learning, aimed at molding foreign language communicative competence in students.

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The Scientific Society of Students, Postgraduates, Doctoral Students, and Young Scientists organizes hackathons, conferences, and competitions, cooperating with international organizations and companies, including Global Logic, EOS, Huawei, etc.

An important part of the company’s work is developing and implementing projects under the Public Budget.

NAU HUB is a space of non-formal education under the auspices of NAU’s Youth Scientific Society, where the best experts, researchers, and activists deliver lectures. It is a community of creative, pro-active, and intelligent students who set up their own projects here. NAU HUB is constantly seeking newcomers who would like to become PR or event managers.

The student design bureau of experimental rocketry NAURocket was founded in early March 2018 and has already conducted three successful rocket launches. Students are currently preparing for championships in Poland and the United States.

NAURocket is recruiting those who intend to become an engineer in mechanics and electronics, as well as all space addicts.

English Club NAU, a student initiative, is a free English speaking club. Organizers set up classes to help attendees practice language skills and spend their free time with benefit. The club also holds movie screenings in English or with English subtitles, which further immerses viewers in the foreign language environment.

NAU’s Association of Biotechnology Students promotes science and organizes educational projects: lectures, festivals, workshops, etc. In preparation for events, students are able to take up the role of SEO, SMM-manager, copywriter, or text editor, and even come up with their own project and successfully implement it.

The association also organizes a popular science fest – “Scientific Absurdity Festival”, which this year was attended by more than 1,000 guests.