Management of National Aviation University held a working meeting with Director General of the Czech Pilot School F AIR, Michal Markovic, and head of the School branch Jiri Prochazka.

Rector Volodymyr Isaienko noted that first of all it is necessary to discuss the possibility of training senior students, who have already received a private pilot’s license (PPL).  “We must work in parallel lines and harmonize our training programs so that they comply with Ukraine and the Czech Republic’s legislation and standards of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).  So that our students see the prospects and plan the trajectory of their training.”

Jiri Prochazka supported the drafting of standardized curricula for theoretical and practical training.  “We could offer students of different years the curriculum according to their knowledge level.  Thanks to our efforts, NAU students will receive qualification marks: permission to perform blind flights;  permission to pilot multi-engine aircraft, and permission to fly at night.  So they will be able to get a CPL commercial pilot’s license in accordance with the standards of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

The partners discussed the issues of joint training of students from China, who will undergo theoretical training at NAU, and practical – at the capacities of our Czech partners.  Representatives of the pilot school also offered assistance in supporting NAU aircraft, teaching our experts to perform maintenance and training of the university’s instructors.  Following the meeting, the composition of the working group was determined to work on drafting new curricula and prepare the documents required for their certification.

29.09.2020, 18:05