NAU Alumni Association

The Alumni Association of National Aviation University was established on October 10, 2018, at the University’s International Alumni Forum, which was attended by representatives of 17 countries (Benin, UK, Guinea, Georgia, Egypt, India, Iraq, China, Morocco, Nicaragua, Poland, Sudan, Turkmenistan , Turkey, Hungary, Sweden, and Sri Lanka).

President of the ICAO Council (2014-2019), Honorary NAU Doctor Olumuiv Benard Aliu was unanimously elected an Honorary President of the Association.

The main goals of the Association are:
– Strengthening the corporate culture among University students and alumni of all generations;
– Promoting professional growth of university students, creating conditions for their self-realization; and
– Support and strengthening of the University image at the national and international levels.

Members of the Association can be alumni of the Kyiv Institute of Civil Aviation Engineers, Kyiv International University of Civil Aviation, and National Aviation University of any year of graduation, and those of NAU preparatory faculty. Mmbers of the Association, without exception, may be University employees, staff of ICAO and other international aviation organizations, friends and partners of the University.

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