Legal Office

The department provides legal support of University activity, sets up contractual relations, advises on legal issues, and addresses claims and suits.

Lesia Prudivus

Deputy Chief – Olha Mykhailenko
+38 (044) 406-73-46

Deputy Chief – Volodymyr Bilyi
+38 (044) 406-60-76

Main tasks and functions:

  • legal work aimed at the correct application, strict observance of the requirements of current legislation of Ukraine and other regulations, as well as prevention of non-compliance, by the university administration and its employees in performing their tasks;
  • submission of proposals for resolving legal issues related to the University activity;
  • conducting legal examination of draft acts and other documents prepared by the University structural units;
  • conclusion of agreements (contracts), participation in their preparation, provision of legal assessment of drafts of such agreements (contracts);
  • raising the level of legal awareness of university staff, explaining the practical application of legislation, providing advice on legal issues; and
  • working with claims and suits.

Areas of activity:

  • contractual work;
  • representation in courts;
  • preparation of statements of claim, appeals, and cassation complaints, objections, withdrawals of statements of claim, responses, explanations, and petitions;
  • representation in the manner prescribed by law of University interests with public authorities and local governments, enterprises, institutions, and organizations amid consideration of legal issues and disputes;
  • providing legal advice and clarifications;
  • legal assessment and approval of local University documents; and
  • participation in the meetings of the commissions established at the University.


03058, Kyiv, Ukraine
1, Liubomyra Huzara ave.,
Building 1, office 222

+38 044 406-78-11
+38 044 406-68-82