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The Institute of Innovative Technologies and Leadership manages research at various stages of the educational process; organization of students, graduate students, and young scientists’ educational and research activities; and organization of the educational process in English.

List of specialties and academic programs in english

134 “Aviation and aerospace technologies”
– Aircraft equipment

142 “Power machinery”
– Gas turbine plants and compressor stations

272 “Aviation transport”
– Maintenance and repairof aircraft and aircraft engines

272 “Aviation transport”
– Airports technologies of works and technological equipment

151 “Automation and computer-integrated technologies”
– Automation and automation in transport

151 “Automation and computer-integrated technologies”
– Computer-aided control systems and automation

151 “Automation and computer-integrated technologies”
– Computer-integrated technology processes and production

172 “Telecommunications and radio engineering”
– Telecommunication systems and networks

173 “Avionics”
– Flight instruments and navigation systems

173 “Avionics”
– Computerdesign of avionics

272 “Aviation transport”
– Airtraffic service

272 “Aviation transport”
– Systems of air navigation service

171 “Electronics”
– Electronic systems

153 “Micro-and nanosystemengineering”
– Micro-and nanoelectronics

192 “Building and civil engineering”
– Industrial and civil construction

022 “Design”

121 “Software engineering”
– Software engineering

123 “Computer engineering”
– Computer systems and networks

125 “Cybersecurity”
– Cybersecurity systems and technologies

075 “Marketing”
– “Marketing”

101 “Environmental studies”
– Ecology and environmental protection

162 “Biotechnology and bioengineering”
– Pharmaceutical biotechnology

081 “Law”
– Jurisprudence

073 “Management”
– Logistics

073 “Management”
– Management of foreign economic activity

275 “Air transport technologies”
– Air transportation management

275 “Air transport technologies”
– Multimodal transport and logistics


Kateryna Babikova

The Institute consists of the following structural units:

Center for Students and Young Scientists’ Research and Education
Chief – Larysa Melnychuk, Doctor of Science in Public Administration.

Center for Language Certification and English Language Education
Chief – Natalia Urusova.

Center for Organizational Development and Leadership
Chief – Roman Usenko.

Center for Technology Transfer
Chief – Andriy Pylypenko.

Sector for Academic Mobility
Chief – Marharyta Bugera.

Sector for Cooperation with Stakeholders
Chief – Maryna Kolotova.


03058, Kyiv, Ukraine
1, Liubomyra Huzara ave.,
Building 1, office 220

+38 044 406-79-11