Educational and Scientific Institute of Continuing Education

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The institute trains specialists for bachelor and master’s degrees; organizes and provides second (additional) higher education in specialties offered at the University; provides course training, advanced training of professionals in aviation and other industries.

Specialties and academic programs (Bachelor)

281 Public Administration and Management:
– Public administration and management

Specialties and academic programs (Master)

281 Public administration and administration:
– Management in public administration
– Economic analysis and forecasting in public administration
– Public governance, regional development and self-government
– Management and administration in the aviation industry

073 Management:
– Project management
– Administrative management
– Management of educational institutions
– Innovation management

053 Psychology:
– Psychology of extreme and crisis situations

011 Educational and Pedagogical Sciences:
– High school pedagogy
– Information and communication technologies in education


Iryna Deinega,
PhD of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor
Deputy Director for Research and International Affairs
Valeriia Kovach,
PhD of Technical Sciences
Deputy Director for Postgraduate Students
Mykola Shynkarchuk,
PhD of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor

The Institute consists of the following structural units:

Training and consulting center for advanced training
Director – Oksana Zosimenko

Training and consulting center for integrated security and protection of critical infrastructure
Director – Oleksandr Mykhailyuk

Center for examination and certification of educational and scientific programs
Director – Natalia Malinovska

Organization for maintenance Training Center
Director – Oleksandr Yakobchuk, PhD of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor

The Institute has three departments:

Department of Public Administration
Head – Natalia Hrushchynska, Doctor of Economics, Associate Professor

Department of Vocational Education Management
Head – Lyudmyla Sydorchuk, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor

Department of Management Technologies
Head – Yuriy Turlo, PhD of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor.

Material and educational base:

  • computer classes; and
  • educational and scientific laboratory of innovative management technologies.

Reserve officers training program
Training under the reserve officers training program takes place at the Military Department of National Aviation University.

Non-local students reside in Dorm 9 on NAU Campus


03058, Kyiv, Ukraine
1, Liubomyra Huzara ave.,
Building 8, office 014

+38 044 406-73-49