Information and Computing Center

The center provides support of the University’s converged telecommunication network, maintenance and repair of computer and office equipment, as well as introduces network services and information systems.

Serhiy Yermak

The Center consists of the following structural units:

Convergent Telecommunication Networks Development Department
Head: Viktor Sorokun
+38 (044) 406-79-90

Department of Integrated Information Technologies
Head: Yuriy Maksymenko
+38 (044) 406-73-73

Information Systems Department
Head: Tamara Bunich
+38 (044) 406-74-11

Department of Automated Systems
Head: Serhiy Teterin
tel. +38 (044) 406-79-38

Main tasks and functions:

  • maintenance, support and development of the passive and active part of the equipment of University’s converged telecommunication network of the university;
  • maintenance, repair and restoration of computer, office, switching and server equipment;
  • support and upgrade of systems: virtualization (VPS), hosting, corporate mail, and other information systems serviced by the Center;
  • information protection, security of network services and server infrastructure of the converged telecommunication network;
  • support of information systems Primadoc, EDEBO, Liga Zakon; and
  • development of software products (systems): electronic dean’s office, schedule.

Areas of activity:

  • development and support of uninterrupted operation of the converged telecommunication network (internet);
  • support of the University phone network;
  • maintenance and repair of computer and office equipment;
  • maintenance of virtual private server (VPS) infrastructure, web-hosting, eduroam, and corporate mail;
  • support of University information systems and resources; and
  • development of software products (systems).


03058, Kyiv, Ukraine
1, Liubomyra Huzara ave.,
Building 1, office 332

+38 044 406-73-73