Educational and Scientific Institute of Innovative Educational Technologies

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The institute organizes of parallel learning and cross-entry, as well as engages in educational work related to preparing applicants for applying to higher educational facilities of Ukraine and national school final tests for school students and those trained in preparatory courses.


Natalia Muranova,
Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor
Deputy Director for Educational and Methodological Work
Viktor Hnatiuk,
PhD of Technical Sciences

The Institute consists of the following structural units:

Preparatory department for citizens of Ukraine
Head – Olha Bruiaka, PhD of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor.

Pre-vocational training center
Director – Tetiana Petrovska, PhD  of Pedagogical Sciences, Member of the National Union of Writers of Ukraine.

Center for gifted students
Director– Lyudmila Kudelya.

The faculty has 1 departments:

Department of basic and special disciplines
Head – Olga Bruiaka, PhD of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor.

Facilities and academic infrastructure:

  • laboratory of Electronic Distance Learning Tools; and
  • distance Learning Center.


03058, Kyiv, Ukraine
1, Liubomyra Huzara ave.,
Building 8a, office 610

+38 044 406-74-04
+38 044 406-73-11
+38 044 497-52-84