Document Management Office

The department is engaged in registration, accounting, and storage of the University’s incoming / outgoing correspondence, as well as organizational and administrative paperwork.

Yaroslav Zhovnirchyk

The department consists of the following structural units:

Record-keeping Sector
Head: Iryna Ilchenko
Office 1-140, phone +38 (044) 406-78-33

Archive Sector
Head: Larysa Hezun
Office 1-012, phone +38 (044) 406-77-35

Main tasks and functions:

  • ensuring a single procedure for documenting management activity, setting up work with documentation;
  • registration, accounting, storage, and processing incoming and outgoing correspondence;
  • record-keeping of citizens’ appeals, inquiries of legal entities and individuals;
  • registration and storage of the University’s organizational and administrative documents;
  • archival work, replenishing documentary stocks, issuing archival certificates;
  • issuing copies of documents and extracts from orders, certification of copies of documents submitted to the University, whose original copies remain in personal files of employees; and
  • control over the implementation of tasks enshrined in normative acts of public authorities and instructions of senior officials and university management.


03058, Kyiv, Ukraine
1, Liubomyra Huzara ave.,
Building 1, office 140

+38 044 497-51-51