Culture and Arts Center

Culture and Arts Center opened in 1979. This unique building with an auditorium able to host up to 1,500 visitors has a stage that is 16 meters wide, 12 meters deep, and 11 meters high. The center offers the equipment required for setting up gigs, as well as dressing rooms and rehearsal rooms.

Since 1980, the Center has been annually hosting the Swearing-in of Student Aviators event and the Student Spring festival which have long become popular at the University.

Famous movie and theater actors have performed on the CAC stage throughout their careers. A variety of foreign and Ukrainian artists and bands performed here, including Therion, Uriah Heep, Apocalyptica, Rage, Destruction, Zombie, Mashina Vremeni, Didiulia, Quest Pistols, Boombox, Oleksandr Ponomariov, Ruslana, Iryna Bilyk, Natalia Buchynska, Vasyl Zinkevych, Olha Kriukova, Ivo Bobul, and Kateryna Buzhynska. Our frequent guests are alumni stars Tina Karol, Zlata Ognevych, Vasyl Bondarchuk, Denis Barkanov, Maria Sobko, Lali Ergemlidze.

Every year, Culture and Arts Center hosts Open Days and meetings with freshmen. The annual Humor Cup, Miss NAU pageant, Student Spring fest, and STARtFEST freshmen festival are traditional sold-outs.

The Center has opened a student creative platform called EasyPeoplePlace, engaged in the development and recreation of youths.

EasyPeoplePlace offers the following studios and activities:

EasypeopleDanceStudio – training in various choreographic areas and staging performances;

EasypeopleVocalStudio – vocal development, training in singing, assistance in repertoire selection, and song recording (jointly with EasypeopleVideoProduction and EasypeopleSoundProduction);

EasypeopleVideoProduction – training in shooting and editing skills, operating stage lighting and professional equipment, writing scripts (together with EasypeopleCreativeStudio) and creating videos, clips, and short films;

EasypeopleSoundProduction – helping students creating quality music content, offering master classes on sound production and sound engineering;

EasypeopleGrapficDesign – teaching students to work in graphic editors (Photoshop, Canva, CorelDraw, ProWeb, Tilda), as well as with Web-tools (HTML, CSS, Wix); providing Assistance in creating visual content, posters, publications, website design and pages; and

EasypeopleCreativeStudio – writing scripts for events and videos, offering master classes on stand-up comedy.