Student Counceling Office

The department provides conditions for self-organization, growth and development of student youth; organizationally ensures the work of the scholarship commission of the university, the commission for the presentation of incentives for employees, students and staff of the university, the council for the settlement of the university.

Oleksii Klochkivskyi
Head of Department

Deputy Head of the Department – Svitlana Lukash

The department consists of the following units:

Organizational Sector
Head: Liudmyla Nazarchuk
Office 1-322, phone +38 (044) 406-79-98

Sector for Psychological and Pedagogical Work
Head: Lesia Oksamytna
Office 1-360, phone +38 (044) 406-72-00

Main tasks and functions:

  • cooperation with student self-government bodies;
  • supporting the work of the University’s advisory bodies (scholarship commission; commission for crime prevention; commission for promotions of students, faculty and staff; accommodation councils);
  • providing assistance in organizing events involving students; and
  • assigning nominal scholarships for university students.


03058, Kyiv, Ukraine
1, Liubomyra Huzara ave.,
Building 1, office 227

+38 044 406-77-93