Consulting Center

The Center provides information services to potential applicants, participates in organizing the work of the Admissions Commission.

Serhiy Zozulia

Main tasks and functions:

  • qualified provision of information services to potential applicants;
  • work with structural units of the University on the issues of student enrollment;
  • participation in organizing the work of the Admissions Commission;
  • participation in the development and approval of the Rules of Admission to the University; and
  • analysis of the University’s enrollment campaign and development of proposals to enhance the performance of the Admissions Commission and career guidance work in general.

Areas of activity:

  • providing consultation to potential applicants for admission to the University in any manner available to the applicant;
  • monitoring of normative and administrative documents of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine on admission;
  • providing advice on EDEBO;
  • preparation and publication of the schedule of enrollment consultations and tests; and
  • setting up registration of personal files of entrants and their transfer to the HR department.


03058, Kyiv, Ukraine
1, Liubomyra Huzara ave.,
Building 8, office 023

+38 044 406-70-38
+38 044 497-41-05