Aviation Medical Center

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Aviation Medical Center provides medical certification of aviation personnel of all of civil aviation classes in Ukraine, as well as provides health care services to university students and staff.

Vadym Petlin
chief physician – aviation medical expert

Deputy Chief Physician: Viktoria Dikhtiaruk
Chief nurse: Liubov Tiuniaeva.

The center consists of the following units:

Surgery Department
Head: Roman Rupchev.

Therapeutic Department
Head: Olena Paziuk.

Dental Department
Head: Nadiia Arzhanykh.

X-ray Department
Head: Halyna Prylutska.

Clinical and Diagnostic Laboratory
Head: Hanna Sidliarenko.

Main tasks and functions:

  • medical certification of aviation personnel and initial physicals for Ukraine’s civil aviation personnel, medical certificates’ extension and their validity confirmation;
  • medical supervision and obligatory preventive medical examinations for students and staff at NAU (including foreign nationals);
  • outpatient diagnostic and consultative services in 15 medical specialties under the current license issued by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine;
  • outpatient reception, diagnostics, and treatment, including specialized one; modern laboratory diagnostics;
  • physiotherapeutic rehabilitation;
  • temporary disability examination;
  • assignment of sanitarium treatment;
  • registration of academic sick leave for full-time NAU students;
  • promotion of the spread of health insurance programs at the university in accordance with current legislation; and
  • implementation of sanitary and anti-epidemic measures aimed at preventing infectious and occupational diseases, occupational and domestic injuries, disabilities, and mortality;

Areas of activity:

  • medical certification of aviation personnel of all civil aviation classes in Ukraine;
  • diagnostics and treatment of diseases in 15 medical specialties (dentistry inclusive) under the license of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine;
  • mandatory preliminary and periodic physicals for NAU students and staff, employees of other enterprises and institutions – in accordance with the requirements of Ukraine’s legislation;
  • cooperation with insurance companies to provide quality health care to insured individuals; and
  • advanced training of health care workers based on specialized postgraduate educational institutions of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.


03058, Kyiv, Ukraine,
47 Harmatna Street

+38 044 497 50-05

Registry Office:
+38 044 497-40-38

Certification of aviation personnel:
(answering machine)
+38 044 497-40-22