Accounting Office

The accounting office organizes and maintains accounting and reporting.

Volodymyr Harlan

The accounting office consists of the following structural units:

Department of Material Assets A​accounting
Deputy Chief Accountant: Liudmyla Demidas
Office 1-251, phone +38 (044) 406-71-15

Salary Payments Department
Deputy Chief Accountant: Olha Levshuk
Office 1-241, phone +38 (044) 406-70-40

Scholarship Payments Department
Chief: Nadiia Bolinchuk
Office 1-243, phone +38 (044) 406-78-81

Banking Accounting and Reporting Department
Deputy Chief Accountant: Tamara Deminska
Office 1-247, phone +38 (044) 406-76-14

Cash and Settlement Transactions Accounting Department
Chief: Oksana Kovalchuk
Office 1-247, phone +38 (044) 406-68-63

Accounting Automation and Planning Group
Deputy Chief Accountant: Andriy Radchenko
Office 1-239, phone +38 (044) 406-79-32

Accommodation Settlement Accounting Department
Deputy Chief Accountant: Halyna Muliar
Dorm 3, office 14, phone +38 (044) 406-79-65

Student Work Department
Deputy Chief Accountant: Alla Khmeliuk
Office 8-001, phone +38 (044) 497-72-53

Food Accounting Department
Chief: Iryna Zadoianchuk
Cafeteria (3rd floor), phone +38 (044) 406-74-71

Department of Rent and Property Accounting
Chief: Oleksandr Lavrynovych
Office 1-343, phone +38 (044) 406-68-96

Main tasks and functions:

  • accounting and reporting for the University’s financial and economic activity;
  • reflection in documents of reliable and complete information on business transactions and results of actions required for the operational management of appropriations and financial and material (intangible) resources;
  • ensuring compliance with budget legislation in drawing up budget commitments, making payments in accordance with budget commitments, accurate and complete filing o transactions in accounting and reporting;
  • ensuring control over the availability and movement of assets, use of financial and tangible (intangible) resources in accordance with standards and estimates approved; and
  • prevention of negative developments in financial and economic activity, designation and mobilization of internal economic reserves.

Areas of activity:

  • accounting;
  • preparation and timely submission, based on accounting data, of financial and budgetary reports, as well as state statistical, consolidated, and other reports (declarations) in the manner prescribed by law; and
  • analysis of accounting and reporting data.


03058, Kyiv, Ukraine
1, Liubomyra Huzara ave.,
Building 1, office 252

+38 044 497-61-25
+38 044 406-71-19