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19.03.2018, 12:01

    Government supports NAU development strategy

    Government supports NAU development strategy

    The meeting of First Deputy Prime Minister - Minister of Economic Development of Ukraine Stepan Kubiv with the People's Deputy of Ukraine Dmitry Andrievsky and Acting Rector of NAU Vladimir Isaenko, during which they discussed the strategy and prospects of development of the National Aviation University.

    In particular, it was about the participation of our university in domestic and international investment projects, cooperation with the domestic military-industrial complex and foreign colleagues, primarily about positive developments in joint Ukrainian-Canadian and Ukrainian-Chinese projects on training aviation specialists and scientific research .

    Stepan Kubiv noted about the great experience of NAU in attracting foreign investments through participation in joint international projects, wide international contacts and professional management of human resources.

    "NAU is one of the best native Universities. The knowledge and experience gained at the University's premises allow students of the Aviation Department quickly tomaster the future profession. Preparation of highly professional personnel in NAU, makes our country stronger, successful and competitive, in particular, in the aviation industry ", - said the Deputy of Ukraine Dmitry Andrievsky.

    In addition, the prospects of NAU participation in the state investment project "Creation of an International Pilot Training Centre on the basis of the National Aviation University" and the investment project "Restoration of the conditions for proper education at the Slavic College of NAU and ensuring equal access to education for the disabled" were discussed.

    An important place in the conversation tookthe  discussion of the plan of activities for the celebration of the 85th anniversary of the National Aviation University and the participation of representatives of higher power in Ukraine. In particular, Stepan Kubov agreed to head the organizing committee for the preparation for the anniversary of NAU.

    It is pleasant to note that the meeting confirmed the full understanding and support from the Government and parliamentarians of NAU development strategy.

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